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You don’t have to do a lot of high-tech Internet marketing to sell your art.

One of my readers’ favorite stories in I’d Rather Be in the Studio! is the recount of how Karen Bubb was able to travel to China by selling shares of her trip. She not only made enough money to cover her costs, she also engaged a lot of people in the process. (See Action 14 in the book for all of the details.)

What’s so surprising is that Karen did this the old-fashioned way: with very little help from the Internet. Karen didn’t even have a website, wasn’t blogging, and Twitter and Facebook weren’t on the scene in 2004. (She still doesn’t have a website or Facebook page, which is why I’m not linking to her here.)

Karen sold 225 shares @ $32/share by using her mailing list, which was comprised of her friends and family in Boise, Idaho.

Karen’s idea was so interesting that a newspaper picked up on it, which brought in shareholders that were previously unknown to her.

Shelly Lewis Stanfield, Fresh. Acrylic and charcoal on birch panel©2010 Shelly Lewis Stanfield, Fresh. Acrylic and charcoal on birch panel, 48 x 48 inches.

My sister-in-law, Shelly Lewis Stanfield, is a painter who lives in Oklahoma City. Since 2007, Shelly has sold more than 300 paintings.

Shelly has a website, but she doesn’t have a blog, doesn’t use Twitter, and doesn’t have a business page on Facebook. She has some gallery representation, but the galleries sell little compared to what Shelly sells on her own.

Get this: Shelly has sold most of her art by having exhibits at restaurants and by contributing art to fundraisers for organizations that get 20-25% of the proceeds.

Shelly would tell you there’s no magic formula.

She has sold most of her art by using her mailing list. She encourages the people she knows to attend the restaurant openings and visit the restaurant while the work is up.

Her preferred method of contact? Postcards. She sends one or two at a time to individuals on her mailing list for a personal touch.

And no, Shelly has never asked me for any help or advice. Honest. She’s done this all on her own – fearlessly. Shelly succeeds because she’s out there pounding the pavement, not just the computer keys.

If you’re not embracing email, blogs, and social media, follow the example of Shelly and Karen. You can do amazing things with traditional marketing.


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Some very interesting articles on Ceramics Arts Daily

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Have you ever visited About.com’s Painting guide?  There’s a wealth of information.  Here’s their promise:

  1. We’ll provide you with accurate, engaging content. Like a friendly neighbor, we’ll give you frank advice that you can trust.
  2. We’ll save you time. Our advice and tips will help you make a decision, answer a question, or take an action.
  3. We’ll help you get to the point. We won’t make you dig through a haystack to find the needle.
  4. We’ll NEVER let money influence the message. You may find advertising and contextual ecommerce links around our content, but our message is NOT for sale. Each of our Guides complies with our conflict-of-interest policy.
  5. We’ll speak your language. About.com is a friend to beginner and expert alike. We’ll make it easy to learn the basics of any topic we cover and we won’t confuse you with unnecessary jargon.
  6. We’ll make our content easy to read. You won’t go blind staring at the computer monitor on About.com. Our content is succinct, digestible, and entertaining.

For March & April the project is Big Brush Painting.  Check it out, some beautiful stuff.

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