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You don’t have to do a lot of high-tech Internet marketing to sell your art.

One of my readers’ favorite stories in I’d Rather Be in the Studio! is the recount of how Karen Bubb was able to travel to China by selling shares of her trip. She not only made enough money to cover her costs, she also engaged a lot of people in the process. (See Action 14 in the book for all of the details.)

What’s so surprising is that Karen did this the old-fashioned way: with very little help from the Internet. Karen didn’t even have a website, wasn’t blogging, and Twitter and Facebook weren’t on the scene in 2004. (She still doesn’t have a website or Facebook page, which is why I’m not linking to her here.)

Karen sold 225 shares @ $32/share by using her mailing list, which was comprised of her friends and family in Boise, Idaho.

Karen’s idea was so interesting that a newspaper picked up on it, which brought in shareholders that were previously unknown to her.

Shelly Lewis Stanfield, Fresh. Acrylic and charcoal on birch panel©2010 Shelly Lewis Stanfield, Fresh. Acrylic and charcoal on birch panel, 48 x 48 inches.

My sister-in-law, Shelly Lewis Stanfield, is a painter who lives in Oklahoma City. Since 2007, Shelly has sold more than 300 paintings.

Shelly has a website, but she doesn’t have a blog, doesn’t use Twitter, and doesn’t have a business page on Facebook. She has some gallery representation, but the galleries sell little compared to what Shelly sells on her own.

Get this: Shelly has sold most of her art by having exhibits at restaurants and by contributing art to fundraisers for organizations that get 20-25% of the proceeds.

Shelly would tell you there’s no magic formula.

She has sold most of her art by using her mailing list. She encourages the people she knows to attend the restaurant openings and visit the restaurant while the work is up.

Her preferred method of contact? Postcards. She sends one or two at a time to individuals on her mailing list for a personal touch.

And no, Shelly has never asked me for any help or advice. Honest. She’s done this all on her own – fearlessly. Shelly succeeds because she’s out there pounding the pavement, not just the computer keys.

If you’re not embracing email, blogs, and social media, follow the example of Shelly and Karen. You can do amazing things with traditional marketing.


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Just a reminder! Registration for Dubuque Art Center’s Winter Art classes begins this week.  Sign up for free classes begins Sat. Nov 13 from 9-5 at the art center.  Pre-registration for individuals with class and gift passes begins Thursday, Nov. 11th and Friday, Nov. 12th from 2-8pm.

EVERYONE QUALIFIES FOR A FREE ART CLASS ONCE A YEAR . Because of the FREE CLASSES, all classes tend to fill very quickly. For the Fall Classes, almost all classes filled up the first day of registration.

JoAnne Hauser-Warren is teaching a watercolor class that starts Feb. 16th thru March 23rd., 6-8 pm and a power class (1 day drawing workshop) on Sat. Feb. 19th from 12:30-5pm.)

The weekly drawing class will be taught by Bill Ferrell. There are other classes.  For more info go to their web site.

Thanks and keep painting!

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Some very interesting articles on Ceramics Arts Daily

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Holiday Studio Sale Tips by Potters Council President Chris Campbell’s

Give a very nice door prize, collect names and addresses on entry forms, and keep those addresses for next year.

Make sure everything is clearly priced.

Take credit cards — make it easy to buy multiples!

Create your mood with music — Jazz, blues, rock — I don’t play Christmas carols.

Scent the air with an apple, vanilla, cinnamon mix, kept out of sight.

Serve good food — not a bag of store-bought cookies and weak punch.

Spread the treats around and people will follow the m&m’s trail!

Get a friend or two to help with wrapping and check out. The most crucial thing for my sale was getting them rung up and packed when they were ready to go. We had a place set aside where they could set stuff down with their name on it to hold it so they could shop more or visit. I had three people working there to make sure they got out quickly.

I put a large sign on my front door inviting people to just walk in, then, just inside, another simple sign with an arrow showing them where to start.

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The Galena ARC is looking for local artists to share their passion for art and their art experiences with the Galena Primary School students (K-4th grade) through the Galena ARC Art in Action Program (AIA).

The Galena ARC AIA’s objective is to establish quality art history education using artwork examples from past and present artists both local and world wide. Traditionally there are nine different artists (and a reproduction of one of their works of art on a poster board) discussed throughout the year (one a month). Each GPS classroom has an AIA volunteer (usually a parent) for the school year that presents the monthly artist and also conducts a fun hands-on art lesson that relates to the artist/artwork they learn about that month.

The Galena ARC AIA program is introducing something new this year by adding local artists to the Artist of the Month selections. We believe that bringing in a “live” artist to discuss their own work and their art experiences will enhance the students art history learning experience as well as open their eyes to the wonderful artist community in which they live.

Your involvement as an Artist of the Month time commitment would include approximately two, 45 minute presentations during the 2010-2011 school year. Approximately 20 minutes of the time will consist of your presentation about you and your art pieces you bring as examples and 25 minutes assisting the AIA Classroom Volunteer with a student art project that relates to your style of art (projects will be predetermined).

If you would like to volunteer as an AIA Artist of the Month, a classroom AIA Volunteer or have questions about the program, please contact Liz Larson, ARC Art Program Director at 815.777.3050 or arcartprograms@gmail.com. There will be a group meeting scheduled for all the Artist of the Month volunteers to discuss the program in more depth and to answer any and all questions.

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October 8 – 9 and various other dates
Attention creative entrepreneurs and people who are making their lives and work in the arts: here’s an opportunity to make a great investment in your career! Applications are now open for the Rural Arts Management Institute, a technical assistance program and learning community for rural arts and creative entrepreneurs in the Upper Midwest. The 2010-2011 session, presented in partnership by Arts Wisconsin and the Northern Lakes Center for the Arts, begins in October 2010 and runs through April 2011; all sessions take place at the Northern Lakes Center in Amery, WI. This thoughtful, hands-on, and action-oriented training program is made possible with support from the Wisconsin Arts Board, Xcel Energy Foundation, and the Kohler Foundation. Lodging and meals are included in the fee, and partial scholarships are available.

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Spend some of your free time this summer learning a new art form! Finally take that pottery or watercolor class. Indulge yourself! Several classes beginning soon. Click here to see the offerings.

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